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We are a team of experienced professionals offering a broad perspective of business and enough experience to help most companies regardless of their size.

Invoke Consulting is a business consulting corporation founded on two  KEY PILLARS of expertise: 



We know that the success of any manufacturing or distribution company depends heavily on its ability to manage its daily business operations to evolve its footprint and processes to meet the growing dynamic needs and expectations of its customers. We are Operations consultants with over twenty years of experience helping clients in various industries. Learn more….



Not the mice and keyboards in your server closet – I.T. is about the data required to maintain accurate records of your business affairs and plan your next business decisions. Every aspect of your business can be accurately handled with adequate training and a software solution that’s right for your company. We are ERP consultants who work with multiple business applications and have helped clients from the selection process all the way to implementation and long-term support. Learn more…


Invoke Consulting supports manufacturing and distribution companies throughout Western Canada. Our clients operate in the North American market with supply chains that cross the globe, and investing in continuously improving their business.  When internal teams need assistance and outside reliable expertise, they can count on Invoke to supplement their knowledge and improve otherwise unreachable areas of potential within the organization.  

Our team of consultants will assist your executive and leadership teams to scope and manage projects comfortably at all levels of the organization.

If your organization is looking to create change, optimize, globalize, or simply improve operations to secure its future, Invoke Consulting can help you take the next step. 


Customer’s Success is Our Success

We respect the value of your organization and invest the time to get to know your business. Invoke is a deeply trusted partner that works with the highest degree of honesty, integrity and diligence.  

Having previously worked as experienced senior managers and consultants for various organizations, we understand the challenges and expectations of investing in the future. Our proactive approach towards identifying your business needs, and prioritizing them, allows us to identify the limitations and constraints your business faces before recommending our products and services. 

We have worked with clients at both a directive and participatory level. We have directly supervised staff for major projects and worked with key business leaders from all areas of operations including Manufacturing, Finance, Supply Chain, Logistics, Service, Engineering, and IT. We have also led developments, deployments, migrations, re-deployments, and implementations. 

What We Believe

At Invoke Consulting we believe IT objectives must be tightly synchronized with corporate objectives for them to be successful. Each enterprise we encounter, regardless of longevity, requires continuous planning and direction. We believe that whether you need help with a project or a complete restructure we are a great asset to support you. 


We strive to be more than a perfect team but a family. We value the people we work with and work for. Invoke takes a very personal approach to how we work as a team, how we work with our customers, and how we do business. Demonstrating care and integrity, we work with full transparency, assuring your team knows and agrees with each step of the process. We invest in each other and work as a community with our customers and partners to build successful businesses and relationships. 

If you would like to learn more about joining our Invoke family of consultants, customers, and partners – please contact us today to arrange a discussion.  Invoke Consulting provides a free initial consultation to ensure we are a good fit and to discuss the value we can bring to your organization. You’ll be glad you called!  

Our Customer's Success is Our Success

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