Application Management

Work with your software manufacturers and value-added resellers to achieve operational objectives


Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) often face overwhelming challenges when management decides a major IT initiative is required.
According to the Chaos Report published by the Standish Group (2015), less than 30% of software and IT related projects are successful. The top five factors associated with failed projects were:
Incomplete Requirements 
Lack of user involvement 
Lack of Resources
Unrealistic Expectations
Lack of Executive Support
Thorough and genuine completion of all these tasks would take a considerable period of time, but you will start seeing initial results in a matter of weeks. It is impossible to make an MDM project successful without 100% outcomes from all parties involved, like data governors, administrators, data stewards and key stakeholders.

Organizational Direction & Strategy

While all of these factors may seem obvious, and appropriate solutions can be found, the time required to overcome these challenges is often elusive. SMB managers are often stretched beyond capacity. It takes time and experience to plan and execute on IT initiatives. There is effort required to research, to learn new tools and to manage new suppliers. A communication plan for all levels of the business is required to obtain input, provide direction, and achieve business alignment. 

How will executives dedicate the time required to manage the next I.T. project or the growing I.T. landscape? According to the McKinsey Quarterly report (Jan 2013), executive leaders in large companies have 16% of their day available to dedicate to setting the organization’s direction and strategy. This number is reduced to almost zero in SMBs making ‘skilled time’ the most precious resource the company holds in terms of growth. 


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Invoke Consulting partners with small and medium sized businesses to provide temporary and long-term Application management and project leadership. We will work with your software manufacturers and value-added resellers to achieve operational objectives and ensure they are aligned with your business goals. 

An Invoke Consulting “Application Host” possesses the I.T. and Project Management experience and can be added to your team to align strategic objectives, develop and execute project plans, and manage communications at all levels of the business. Having served and worked with Fortune 500 clients, we understand the importance of change management, data integrity, risk mitigation and sustainability. 

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