Strategic Business Process Alignment

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Strategic business process alignment may sound more complicated than it is. As a business owner, you might already know that strategies are an amalgamation of long-term goals and the methods of realizing them. These long-term goals are inextricably linked to the way business is carried out and its daily processes. Strategic business process alignment is the art of creating harmonious links between the strategies and the current business processes. Challenges faced while conducting daily operations and running a given business process can directly affect strategic success. 

There is no secret formula or recipe for aligning corporate strategies with daily business processes. Each strategy needs to be carefully aligned at all levels of the organization.


Any company, regardless of size, has a vast array of strategic plans and objectives, supporting a unique vision, aimed at achieving its mission, and requiring critical asset management and progress evaluations. These strategies are carried out using several technological tools like spreadsheets, scorecards, presentations, documents and modelling tools.  

Invoke Consulting facilitates strategic business process alignment by working with the executive team and driving execution through the operational levels of your business. The ultimate result is a clear coherence between the roles of every decision maker within the organization. Each individual in your organization will have a clear path drawn towards contributing efficiently to the overall success of your business process.


In small to medium sized businesses, Information Technology (IT) and the company’s management information system are often an after-thought. While the importance of an IT system for conducting daily business is recognized, the task of maintaining it is usually a burden placed on the shoulders of a department manager who is responsible for managing another area of the business. 

Placing this burden on a department manager, dilutes their attention. Further, the department manager may have no knowledge of managing business applications or infrastructure to prevent risk or allow the business to scale as it grows. 

Larger companies have an IT Department with a large list of projects and may struggle to prioritize the list. Daily firefighting takes high priority and there is little understanding of how the work relates to the company’s current business objectives. Immediacy becomes priority, and replacing keyboards and mice takes priority over the achievement of business objectives.  

Without business process alignment, IT will continue to be an obstacle to the achievement of company objectives. 

Invoke Consulting can bring forward clarity working with your management team’s knowledge and rounding out the IT capabilities required to leverage your company’s potential. 

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