Industry 4.0

The fourth industrial revolution, has begun.


Today’s industries are digitalized and automated more than ever before. Intelligent machines are being used to build, assemble and package product in factories and warehouses across the globe, but how are these machines managed?  What happens when a machine breaks?  When is the best time to schedule critical preventative maintenance on each machine? 

 Industry 4.0 can be thought of as the dawn of the “reactive floor”.  By this, we mean, that machines, if connected, can inform each other about changes as they occur and re-optimize the production plan quickly to avoid loss of productivity. 

Employing PLCs, optical scanners, computers and smart machines are now connected with added features that are more accurate and efficient than those machines manually controlled. This new system has enabled computers to collect data, analyse it and suggest solutions – lifting the weight of production management off the shoulders of humans.  

Computerization of data, digital integration, and integrated distribution methods have proved to reduce the complexity, cost and inefficiency of manual manufacturing processes. 

With these digitally connected machines, data is diffused easily through the whole organization requiring little human involvement in the process.


With the dawn of a new era comes new challenges to manage:


The new revolution in industry has already created a void of employees knowledgeable about the latest technology. The use of advanced technology could also alienate experienced and loyal workers if sufficient change management and training aren’t provided. 


Transition from old methods to new technology takes commitment. Training staff and investing in machines and equipment that need to be installed and maintained comes with price. Timing and payback need to be carefully considered when making the decision to invest. 



With the online integration of data, the chances of data leakage and cyberattacks increase. Leaked data could put your business, your customers, and your trade partners at risk so it is critical that new data sources are managed carefully.


With careful planning, automating equipment, shop floor data collection, and employing advanced technology can be a game changer for your business – a competitive advantage.  

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