Are you a growing manufacturing company?

The pressures of a growing manufacturing business can be tough on internal processes.  While a customer-centric focus will ensure orders continue to arrive in the short-term, processes that fail to scale-up, and deliver products that meet customer expectations, will ultimately disappoint them in the end. 

In a manufacturing business, your manufacturing and business processes must scale equally with your orders, customers, and your ambitions.  Careful planning is required to ensure whatever time you can steal away from staff involved in daily activities results in strategic business process alignment, securing the future of your manufacturing business.

Manual assembly may not be able to keep up with the demands of a growing customer base, and knowing what is happening on the production floor may become increasingly difficult.
Expanded product lines and offerings may result in the explosion of inventory, and warehouses that are difficult to manage.
Staff may complain that it is difficult to keep up with all of the demands of the business resulting in painful staff turn-over.

Whether your challenges today relate to warehouse management, inventory, supply chain, factory layout, manufacturing, or quality, they are part of a larger picture that requires thought and prioritization.   As your business grows, “to-do” lists need to give way to project management, with training – operators need to become leaders, and yesterday’s way of doing things needs to change as part of the roadmap towards achieving the next level of business.  

Our team of consultants at Invoke have played a valuable role in their customer’s manufacturing businesses. We can ensure that projects are carefully planned, supported with knowledge, training, and delivered to expectation.

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